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R I S Education offers world-class spoken English learning courses. R I S Education courses are designed keeping in mind the learner’s objective of gaining expertise in speaking English confidently.

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Spoken English

  • Course Duration : 3 / 4/ 6 / 8 / Months
  • Class Duration : Twice a Week

Course Description

We have an integrated course for Spoken English, Which is complete kit in itself for Spoken English and overall Personality Development. The Programme comprises of four levels for students at different stages based on capability. As you measure higher levels, you face challenges but the content remains the same.



Module 01 Module 02
       •    Basis Grammar in Day to Day Conversation
       •    Enhanced Vocabulary
       •    Game of Vocabulary
       •    Conversational Skills
       •    Reading & Explaining Skills
       •    Presentation Skills
       •    Framing Sentences
       •    Idioms, Phrases and Proverbs
       •    Role- Play
       •    Mirror Practice
       •    Memory Development
       •    Leadership Skills
  •    Advance Vocabulary
  •    Reading & Listening Skills
  •    Overall Body Language
  •    Extempore
  •    Writing Skills
  •    Personality Development
  •    Speaking Activities on Simple Topics
  •    Group Discussions Debates
  •    Audio and Video Training
  •    Focus on Syllable Stress Intonation and Pitch
  •    Overcome stage fright public speaking
  •    Articulation and Voice Modulation
Module 03 Module 04
  •    Telephonic Communication
  •    Voice Culture & Speaking skills
  •    Email Drafting
  •    Business English
  •   The Mock Interview
  •    Behavioral Interviews
  •    Attitude and Effort Body Language
                  Screening Test:
  A test designed to measure the degree to which
  a student possesses skills assumed to be prerequisite
  to success in a certain course or group of courses
  •    Impromptu Speeches
  •    Voice and Accent Training
  •    Mastery in Interviews
  •    Common Interview Questions
  •    Research
  •    Phone Interviews
  •    Closing the Interview
                 We Provide:
Study Materials , Audio VDO CDs, Extra Classes   
Learn Through O.J.T. Pattern. Spoken Quiz 
Enjoy Workshop Training. Seminar, Live Project.